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Southern NH Advice on Foreclosed Real Estate For Buyers

When someone fails to pay a home loan, the mortgage company will begin the process of being granted the right to sell the home in order to satisfy the debt. The process differs from state to state, but will often take a lot of time to complete. This … [Read More...]

New Construction Home Loans And What You Should Know | Southern NH New Construction

New construction home loans are not normally needed when purchasing a home owned by a builder. Builders usually support the building process and enable you to obtain a typical home loan after completion of the house. Although this makes your home … [Read More...]

Deciding If Condominium Insurance Is Necessary In Southern NH

When purchasing a condominium, you may not realize that you need condominium insurance. Condominium complexes generally have a master insurance policy, but it does not cover everything in your unit. It is important for you to evaluate what master … [Read More...]

Mortgage Approval Considerations For Southern NH Lenders

Pre-approvals do not always lead to eventual mortgage approval. Lenders complete a underwriting review before giving an approval. This specific process does not typically start until after a property is under agreement as they must assess both the … [Read More...]

Introduction To Southern NH New Home Financing Alternatives

If you are thinking of building a new home as opposed to buying an existing home, it is useful to know the financing alternatives on the market. Financing new construction is much different than buying an older one. The terms, rates, and processing … [Read More...]

Southern NH Basement Finishing Advice

Finishing a basement is a great way to create additional living space and add to the value of a home. It is sometimes easier than an addition. Continue reading for Southern NH basement finishing advice. Outline a Plan The first thing to consider is … [Read More...]

Advantages and Disadvantages of Assisted Showings for Southern NH Home Listings

Assisted showings is a term used for property viewings attended by seller agents. Buyers and sellers, and seller and buyer agents, normally have contrasting opinions about whether they are necessary or beneficial. The following is a summary of their … [Read More...]