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Definition Of Frequently Used Mortgage Terminology

Understanding the mortgage process will be confusing, particularly with a lot of loan-related terminology. Familiarizing yourself with frequently used mortgage terminology will make the process easier. In this article you will find definition of … [Read More...]

Tips On Picking Out Kitchen Cabinets For Southern NH Properties

Updated kitchens will help your property sell, and cabinets are a major design feature for all kitchens. Standard oak cabinets are a trend of the past. With many alternative styles and woods to choose from, you might be wondering where to get … [Read More...]

Southern NH Property Virtual Tours Versus Slideshows

When homes are posted for sale, it is customary to include photos. Listing brokers may also provide virtual tours or slideshows. Each is completed differently and results in a different visual aspect of a property. Read below for an introduction to … [Read More...]

Space Heater Safety for Southern NH Residents

With the cold weather of winter, you may be relying on space heaters a little more. It is critical to take certain precautions to avoid personal injury and the risk of fire. In this article, you will find some advice on space heater safety for … [Read More...]

Seller Disclosure Requirements For Southern NH Homes

When selling real estate, sellers and agents have a legal obligation to tell everything known about a home. The majority of lawsuits relate to people believing that a seller purposely hid facts. The following are seller disclosure requirements for … [Read More...]

Expected Interest Rate Changes This Year – What Southern NH Buyers Must Know

Interest rates have risen since October. Mortgage experts expect that it will rise even more throughout the year. This is critical information for potential buyers. Expected interest rate changes this year and what Southern NH buyers must know is … [Read More...]

Southern NH Title Company Responsibilities

The closing represents a culmination of all the work and documentation in the home buying process. It is the moment a buyer gets keys and is recognized as the new owner of a piece of real estate. A title company¬†performs the closing and has duties … [Read More...]