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Southern NH FHA Mortgage Limits For This Year

The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) reviews their mortgage limits on a yearly basis. If you are buying a home soon and need to use an FHA mortgage, it is critical to keep in mind the applicable limits and how they might change. Here is an update … [Read More...]

Southern NH home damage tax deduction information

The federal government allows a tax deduction for major damages to a home. It falls under an itemized deduction, so whether you can benefit from it depends on whether you will itemized deductions. Deductions reduce taxable income and the taxes due. … [Read More...]

Decreased FHA PMI Rates For Southern NH Loans beginning January 26, 2015

It was just recently released that the PMI rates for FHA loans is reducing. This will truly help individuals currently in the market to purchase a home. The following are a few facts on on decreased FHA PMI rates for Southern NH loans. Beginning … [Read More...]

Reasons For Purchasing Southern NH Homes In 2015

Deciding when to purchase a home is not easy. You might be debating if home prices will improve or worsen and whether you are making the right decision. Unfortunately, you cannot predict the market, but you can make an informed decision by evaluating … [Read More...]

Recommendations To Prevent Pipes From Freezing During Cold Weather

Frigid temperatures present certain possible problems for homeowners. One expensive issue is bursting pipes. Below are a few recommendations to prevent pipes from freezing during cold weather. Why Do Pipes Burst? Inside pipes, freezing will create a … [Read More...]

Interesting Ideas For New Homes In Southern NH

In new homes, you may revise rooms, design elements, and enhancements. Use the opportunity include unique items. In this blog are some interesting ideas for new homes in Southern NH. The Initial Impression of a Home An entry way creates the theme … [Read More...]

Calculating How Much Home You Can Afford In Southern NH

Calculating how much home you can afford in Southern NH is a good initial step for all home buyers and should be performed before viewing listings. This saves time and minimizes heartbreak. There are different calculations to evaluate such as … [Read More...]