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Advantages and Disadvantages of Assisted Showings for Southern NH Home Listings

Assisted showings is a term used for property viewings attended by seller agents. Buyers and sellers, and seller and buyer agents, normally have contrasting opinions about whether they are necessary or beneficial. The following is a summary of their … [Read More...]

Details On Variable Rate Mortgages In Southern NH

Variable rate mortgages are used by many home buyers because of the lower loan payments initially. The interest rate can be much lower than the fixed rate loans, but this is not always true. Buyers should evaluate how these loans work and how they … [Read More...]

Tips For Minimizing Anguish When Moving With Children

Moving is normally a stressful time, especially for children. To help the family cope with the change, there are certain things that you may do ahead of, during, and after the move. This blog contains tips for minimizing anguish when moving with … [Read More...]

Guidelines On Choosing A Contractor In Southern NH

Whether you have a newer home or an antique, there will be a time when you may require the help of a contractor to complete work. There is information that you can gather to verify that the company you hire is competent, reputable, and matches your … [Read More...]

Mortgage Insurance Elimination From Conventional Home Loans

Mortgage insurance is generally due on standard conventional home loans with down payments below 20%. The amount is billed each month and included in the mortgage payment. Mortgage insurance elimination from conventional home loans can save … [Read More...]

Ways To Improve Credit Scores Before Buying Real Estate In Southern NH

There are several things that you can do to get ready for purchasing a property. An especially critical one is to understand your credit reports in advance as those scores impacts your home loan options and mortgage rate. Below are ways to improve … [Read More...]

Southern NH Kitchen Renovation Ideas

If you are renovating your kitchen in Southern NH, you have a great opportunity to include some enhancements that will make your kitchen special. There are a wide range of Southern NH kitchen renovation ideas to consider. Here are some desirable … [Read More...]