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Finding Real Estate Attorneys To Assist With Southern NH Home Purchases

The help of a Southern NH real estate attorneys is important or even critical at different steps of the real estate process. Although real estate agents can offer general guidance on P&S agreements, they are not permitted to practice law. There … [Read More...]

Energy Saving Tips For Southern NH Residences

An energy audit can help identify replacements that improve the cost effectiveness of your residence. If your property is over 5 years old, you should evaluate an energy audit. The following is basic information on energy saving tips for Southern NH … [Read More...]

Southern NH FHA 203k Loan Program Guidelines

FHA 203k is a loan program sponsored by the department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) for properties requiring rehab. It permits individuals to purchase a property and finance the expense of repairs. Typical financing alternatives require … [Read More...]

Finding Southern NH Property Listings Online

Finding Southern NH property listings online can often be a cumbersome task. There are many online websites to pick from. The following on finding Southern NH property listings online may help you better understand the alternatives. The Source of … [Read More...]

Types Of Windows For Southern NH Homes

Selecting the right windows for a home is very important. Windows affect the look and feel of a Southern NH home. They also function in different ways and have varying levels of air leakage. Below are a few general types of windows for Southern NH … [Read More...]

Tips On Helpful Property Upgrades

It's easy to focus mostly on the larger items when deciding on property upgrades. In many cases the best upgrades are the little ones. Whether you are working on a new property or fixing up an existing one, consider the following helpful … [Read More...]

What The Southern NH Housing Market Shortage Means For Buyers And Sellers

In Southern NH, there is a shortage of real estate inventory. There are simply more home buyers than there are suitable listed properties. This leads to an interesting experience for buyers and sellers. Below is information on what the Southern NH … [Read More...]