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Types Of Windows For Southern NH Homes

Selecting the right windows for a home is very important. Windows affect the look and feel of a Southern NH home. They also function in different ways and have varying levels of air leakage. Below are a few general types of windows for Southern NH … [Read More...]

Tips On Helpful Property Upgrades

It's easy to focus mostly on the larger items when deciding on property upgrades. In many cases the best upgrades are the little ones. Whether you are working on a new property or fixing up an existing one, consider the following helpful … [Read More...]

What The Southern NH Housing Market Shortage Means For Buyers And Sellers

In Southern NH, there is a shortage of real estate inventory. There are simply more home buyers than there are suitable listed properties. This leads to an interesting experience for buyers and sellers. Below is information on what the Southern NH … [Read More...]

Characteristics Of Southern NH Colonial Style Houses

Colonial is a popular design for single family homes. This style originated in the 1800s and is therefore often found in older districts. It has specific characteristics that separate it from other property categories. Below are characteristics of … [Read More...]

Ideas On Preventing Pests In Southern NH Properties

Pests such as insects and rats may cause a health hazard to you and your family. Once a pest infestation occurs, it can be extremely painful to remove. There are several actions that you can take to address pest problems in a property, using chemical … [Read More...]

Exterior Siding Options For Southern NH Houses

There are different exterior siding options for Southern NH houses. Each one offers different features and can vary in cost. The following is an overview of four of the most common types of siding.Vinyl SidingVinyl is the most popular siding … [Read More...]

Details Of Southern NH Cape Style Houses

Cape style properties are a common design for single family structures. This style dates back to colonial America and was inspired by half-timbered structures in England. It was later altered to include pitching roofs to better fit New England … [Read More...]