Considerations For Flooring Materials For Southern NH

Home flooring materials have come a long way over the years. Newer products such as bamboo, and a large array of tile, hardwood and carpet, allow owners the option to include flooring into the overall design of a property. Below are a few considerations for flooring materials for Southern NH.


Carpet is a traditional flooring option that remains used. There are many textiles, patterns, and grades to choose from. It is desirable for bedrooms and living rooms. As opposed to other types of flooring, carpet offers a lot of comfort under the feet. Additionally, it is great for colder climates since it provides thermal insulation. This flooring is helpful during the winter months in Southern NH. However, carpet is fairly cumbersome to lay and maintain, and is much less stain, mold and pest resistant. It also does not improve home values.

Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood continues to be a popular floor type. It brings a rich finish to any room, is simple to keep clean, is very sturdy, and adds value to properties. On the other hand, it is not as straightforward to install or replace, can scratch with ease and is not much of a thermal or sound buffer.

Laminate Floors

Laminate is a contemporary alternative that has expanded in use recently. It is straightforward to lay and wash. It is also extraordinarily resilient. It is the less expensive substitute for hardwood. However, it is thinner than hardwood and may not create the rich texture of true hardwood. Like hardwood, it is not a great sound and heat barrier.

Ceramic Tile

Tile is traditionally a flooring selection for bathrooms and kitchens. It is really durable, cleans with ease, and is extremely resistant to insect and mold. However, comparable to hardwood and laminate, it is more complex to install, does not insulate sound and heat at all, and will feel hard and chilly underfoot. This is helpful during warm summertime but a bit cold on the toes in colder temperature months.

Considerations For Flooring Materials For Southern NH

With so many property flooring options, it is important to understand the pros and cons of each one. You should also evaluate climate, expense and use of the room. Different spaces within a home will require specific flooring options, so do not avoid selecting more than one in a property but do think about flow.