Determining Whether To Stay In A Home During Renovation

Are you preparing to remodel your property? Among your many decisions is determining whether to stay in a home during renovation. Below are just some problems with remaining in a home during renovation.

Enduring the Disturbance

Every renovation task is different and as a result has varying levels of disruption. Mainly, you must think about your degree of tolerance. If you stay in your residence on your own, it may be more than if there are multiple residents. There are many other issues to contemplate.

Things to Reflect On

1. Rooms Impacted

Evaluate the areas of the home that will be out of commission and if you will be alright without it. If you are renovating the kitchen, are you able to cook in another way (i.e. a grill). For bath repairs, do you have a different bath that may be used?

2. Amount of Time Spent in the Property

If you are home for the duration of the day because you have a home office, keep in mind whether too much noise will be a problem. Utilities might also be turned off for an amount of time so that a task can be completed – will this impact your power to work? If you are a stay-at-home parent, what activities within the home could be limited at some point in the day and evening? each one of these are crucial questions to ask.

3. Renovation Duration

Determining whether to stay in a home during renovation will naturally be affected by the duration of the project. If you are ready to stay home with the inconvenience of repairs being completed, you must honestly ask yourself for how long you can do so.

4. Getting in the Way of the Project

Will you being there facilitate or obstruct the efforts? If you not remaining in the home greatly cuts the amount of time it takes for the work to be finished, then it may be worthwhile to vacate in the interim.

5. Thinking About Safety

Remodeling always brings with it dust, materials, and trash. Be concerned about where these could be located and what affect it will have on your health and safety, specifically if you have kids. Find out if they are able to close off the area without delaying the progress.

Determining Whether To Stay In A Home During Renovation

Ultimately, remaining in a home during renovation is your decision. Develop an informed choice depending on the magnitude of the renovation, duration, safety risks, and effect on your every day living. Chat about it with your contractor. Approach it with an optimistic viewpoint, but also consider the worst-case scenario.