Ideas On Preventing Pests In Southern NH Properties

Pests such as insects and rats may cause a health hazard to you and your family. Once a pest infestation occurs, it can be extremely painful to remove. There are several actions that you can take to address pest problems in a property, using chemical and non-chemical alternatives. In this blog are ideas on preventing pests in Southern NH properties.

General Pest Prevention

Eliminate Moisture

All living things need water for survival, so it is crucial to minimize the moisture in your home. Stop leaky pipes and do not let moisture gather in or surrounding your property. Remove water-damaged materials. Even elevated humidity may attract pests, so place a dehumidifier in moisture prone rooms in a home. Eliminating moisture will make it less sustainable for pests.

Normal Hiding Locations

Get rid of any typical indoor hiding locations such as large piles of papers, paper bags, and boxes kept for long amounts of time. These items always store moisture and render desirable hiding places for pests. Think about using plastic bins rather than boxes for extended storage needs.

Block Entry Ways

Prevent pests from getting liberal access to your property by caulking small openings in walls, ceilings, and floors. Insert screens on drains, windows, and doors to discourage flying insects from easily entering the property. Place weather stripping to windows and doors to fill any obvious gaps. Especially in hot weather months, keep doors shut to reduce entry points.

Placement of Food

Do not leave food out on counter tops and in kitchen sinks. This attracts insects and keeps them there. Think about buying tupperware that seal air-tight. Trash bins may also invite in unwanted animals, so find options that hold in odors. Place food in a garbage disposal if possible to minimize the amount of trash thrown in your bin.

Pests look for locations to hide that fulfill basic requirements for air,water, food, and shelter. The best way to control pest problems is to block them from entering a property in the first place by eliminating the elements that they require to survive (as described above). Applying these easy precautions will prevent the need for more extreme measures later. These ideas on preventing pests in Southern NH properties are intended to simply be a general overview.