Tips On Helpful Property Upgrades

It's easy to focus mostly on the larger items when deciding on property upgrades. In many cases the best upgrades are the little ones. Whether you are working on a new property or fixing up an existing one, consider the following helpful property upgrades.


Consider locations in your home where you may want to charge equipment. Add outlets to those locations. For instance, an extra fridge or freezer may be helpful in the garage or a certain place in the basement. Perhaps you want an outlet in a medicine cabinet for plugging in toothbrushes or electric razors hidden from plain view. Exterior GFI outlets are another useful feature to include ahead of time.

Size Does Matter

A little extra can be a big help. Consider whether an increase in size of a specific area makes sense. For instance, taller garage openings may allow for larger cars. A bigger kitchen sink will make a difference for oversized pots and pans. A bigger deck can allow for better walking room around your seating and grill.

Planning Ahead

In the design phase, think about more than its initial use. For instance, if you plan to replace carpeting with hardwood flooring later, the height difference can influence the changeover between rooms or against a staircase. Plan the house with that in mind to save future labor and expense. It is also wise to plan for things like sound systems, central vacuum, plumbing, and light fixtures.


In many cases, duplicates are a good feature. An additional sink in the kitchen or laundry room adds convenience. Duplicate cable outlets provide flexibility for room layouts. Duplicate closets can contain clutter and keep belongings easily accessible. The above are simply a few of the many duplicates that you will enjoy having in a home.

More Helpful Property Upgrades

The best way to find additional helpful property upgrades is to imagine a room and how you will use it in the short term. Then think about how that may change. What are the features that will fit each scenario. Think about larger gatherings, new appliances, etc. Be sure to check with your contractor for more suggestions.