An Overview Of The Spring Market In Southern NH

Spring is traditionally a busier time of year for home sales. There are more homes for sale and buyers actively looking. If you are considering buying or listing this Spring, this article offers an overview of the Spring market in Southern NH.

The Impact of Seasons

The Spring is commonly a less busy season for many people. Fall is busy with back-to-school preparation. Winter is busy with holiday events. Many are tied up with tax preparation during the first few months of the new year. Only after that do things clear up for many. As Spring arrives, the temperature gets warmer and there are more daylight hours to work with. Because of this, Spring is a more active season for real estate.

More Homes to Select From

Sellers commonly believe that their properties look better in the spring and summer months and that this will result in a higher selling price. They naturally start cleaning up the outside of the property as the temperature increases and things begin to grow. The longer daylight hours also provide more time for all of this. A spring listing and summer closing date is also easier for families with children who need to be enrolled in or change schools. The Spring will bring an influx of home listings as a result.

Spring Buyers

Buyers also find more time to focus on a property search in the Spring and enjoy the availability of inventory to choose from. Although there is more inventory than other times of year, it’s a tough market right now due to low overall inventory. In this market, buyers need to act more quickly. Multiple offer scenarios are also possible, so the approach to offers and negotiations will be a bit different than in a buyer’s market.

An Overview Of The Spring Market In Southern NH

To make the most of the Spring market, get information and support from an experienced real estate representative. For sellers, it is critical not to mis-price or lose momentum. Buyers can remain up to date on new listings with resources from a real estate agent. It is also important for home buyers not to lose focus. With a little support, you can accomplish your real estate goals this year. For more an overview of the Spring market in Southern NH, contact Sharyn Kelley at Suburban Realty Inc. by calling 603-668-5757 or emailing