Advantages and Disadvantages of Assisted Showings for Southern NH Home Listings

Assisted showings is a term used for property viewings attended by seller agents. Buyers and sellers, and seller and buyer agents, normally have contrasting opinions about whether they are necessary or beneficial. The following is a summary of their perspectives and the advantages and disadvantages of assisted showings for Southern NH home listings.

Buyer and Seller Perspectives on Assisted Showings

Property Owner Points of View

People typically do not like having strangers look through their house but they realize it is needed to sell their home. Sellers therefore like the thought of having their agent present at showings. Although rare, there are situations where things are taken from a home or a home is not locked up appropriately after a showing. Sellers also see the benefit of having their agent provide details on the vital characteristics of their home.

Buyer Perspectives

Some purchasers like the chance to obtain information from a person acquainted with a property. On the other hand, some will not particularly enjoy assisted showings for a couple of reasons. Primarily, it can cause them to feel awkward and distracted. In the course of a showing, purchasers like to take their time at properties they like and a smaller amount of time at those they do not. When the other agent is present, they feel the need to view the entire property even if it is obvious that they are not interested. For homes they are interested in, they frequently feel hurried so as not to take a lot of time from the listing agent or give the impression that they love the property (as it could affect their bargaining power later on). Occasionally a seller agent engages in a great deal of discussion with a buyer during a showing, which is also a diversion. Lastly, buyers cannot speak openly with each other and with their realtor when a representative of a seller is present.

Real Estate Agent Perspectives on Assisted Showings

Listing Agent Feelings

Seller agents often find assisted showings very helpful in selling a property. Although a lot of details may be provided in listing forms, buyers or their agents might misinterpret or overlook important details. Being at showings gives listing agents an opportunity to address those items and any concerns or misunderstandings. By merely being on site, they also reduce the chance of incidents. However, scheduling a time may be even more challenging. Opportunities might be lost when schedules conflict.

Buyer Agent Perspectives

Buyer agents normally prefer unassisted showings since they are simpler to plan and allow for open discussion with their customers. It is hard enough coordinating the schedules of the showing agent, buyer, and seller. When you add the seller agent, it can make it extremely difficult. This is especially true when arranging multiple showings back-to-back

Advantages and Disadvantages of Assisted Showings for Southern NH Home Listings

There are many advantages and disadvantages of assisted showings for Southern NH home listings and they may differ according to the different perspectives. In the end, the choice belongs to the seller. Sellers should specifically consider the impact that it might have on the amount of buyers that will look at their home and on the feelings that those buyers will have during their visit. The location, kind of residence, possessions, and many other details should also be a factor. Sellers should talk about this with their real estate professional to make an arrangement that best safeguards and serves them in the marketing and sale of their home.