Southern NH New Construction Energy Saving Ideas

Southern NH new construction energy saving ideas for appliances and building supplies. Energy saving ideas shared by Sharyn Kelley at Suburban Realty Inc.

When constructing a new home, there are things that you might select now to help you lower energy use and lower expenses in the long run. Most typically refer to appliances when considering energy efficiency, but there are many house features that relate to energy utilization. Here are some Southern NH new construction energy saving ideas to get you started.

Insulation Benefits

With the right type of insulation, you will minimize heat exchange from the interior to exterior. It is naturally less expensive to add it during initial construction than to add it after the home is completed. For the most results, a house must be insulated along all exterior spaces. If you have a basement, also consider insulating bulkhead doorways and hot water piping.

Heating and Cooling Systems

Heating systems ordinarily include a percent rating for efficiency. The more the amount, the better the savings. Expenses can vary based on brand and efficiency. If your home is located in colder climates, investing in better systems can result in compelling savings.

Colors Make a Difference

Darker color shades for roofing and siding shingles take in heat, making the air within the house warmer. Your cooling system will run for longer periods of time as a result. Selecting lighter colored shingles will deflect sunlight instead of absorbing its heat. There are additional more advanced options such as a white roof (special reflective coating) or a green roof (with plantings).

Energy Star Appliances

Energy Star labeled appliances operate more efficiently (as measured through testing). Thus, they save you money and help protect our environment. You may search for Energy Star products online or at local retail stores. They usually display the energy star logo with statistics on the energy used under standard operation. They are widely available, so you will not necessarily be forced to give up features for energy efficiency.

Windows with Added Efficiency

Windows are a major source of heat transfer. Windows with double panes provide better insulation. Additionally, adding a low-emittance layer in between panes helps to better suppress heat loss through the glass. Low-E is virtually invisible. A wide selection of glaze is available to adapt to extreme climates. High solar gain glaze is suitable for areas with cool weather, whereas low solar gain glazings are preferred for warmer temperatures that use more cooling. It is also a good idea to evaluate the location of windows based on the direction of sunrise and sunset. This may lower the need for electricity.

Other Southern NH New Construction Energy Saving Ideas

Home building requires countless decisions. Be sure to keep energy efficiency in your comparison of different products and materials. Assess environmental effect plus initial expense relative to continual savings. In many cases, going with energy efficient options is an easy decision when you look at the big picture. Be sure to speak with your contractor for creative solutions and suggestions.