5 Top Southern NH Home Selling Myths

Real estate is an industry where beliefs form over time and do not necessarily adapt to changes in the market. Referring to dated information can be costly. Do not fall for these 5 top Southern NH home selling myths.

You Receive Back the Entire Value of Property Repairs

This is a very common misconception. We are sorry to say that the money spent on property renovations is not normally recaptured when you sell. Even though renovations do increase the value of your home, the percentage which you can recover depends on the type and level of work. Baths and kitchens, for example, usually provide better returns than other rooms.

Pricing Does Not Matter When the Market is Hot

So, the market is great and you want to get the most for your home. You hear in the news that properties selling for above the advertised price, so you start your property above the range of others and expect an even greater offer price. Pricing too high can be a big error. Other houses might have sold for higher than list price because their starting price was fair. You cannot assume that you will get more than the list price regardless of what price you choose.

Selling FSBO Will Definitely Improve Your Net

Selling without a real estate broker may eliminate paying broker fees, but it does not automatically result in a better final figure. Real estate brokers are in sync with the market and know the best way to present your home for sale. Without that knowledge, you might select the wrong price, lose critical time, or reach fewer buyers. These can produce a lower selling price, perhaps less than what you are saving on commission. There may also be other costly blunders that you may commit along the way when not guided by a knowledgeable real estate broker.

It Is Better to Offer a Credit Than Make Repairs Ahead of Time

Whether you need updated flooring or have painting that must be completed, providing a closing credit is not always the better approach. Some damages impact how well your property shows. Despite a credit, home buyers typically lower their offer price when a home needs work.

The Only Thing That Matters is Location

Every city has that great location that all buyers want to live in. Buyers pay a high price and assume that it must be a profitable investment. The top demand neighborhoods are not always great investments since values are commonly near their max. There could be little opportunity for movement. Sometimes, the up and coming neighborhoods are better investments.

Avoiding 5 Top Southern NH Home Selling Myths

A property is one of the largest investments that you may make. When it comes to buying or selling homes, it is critical that you are up-to-date and make informed decisions. Use accurate facts rather than the 5 top Southern NH home selling myths. Work with knowledgeable local professionals to guide you through the transaction. This will allow you sell quicker, for more money, and with less issues.