Written Agreements For Southern NH Home Renovations

House repairs can be a stressful endeavor. On top of the big step of selecting a contractor, there are many things you should evaluate when it comes to the written contract to complete the tasks. It is important for both you and your contractor to thoroughly review all terms and to detail what they are. Below is overview of written agreements for Southern NH home renovations.

Preliminary Contract Terms

Most agreements will have some basic details. This typically includes:

  • Name and Contact Information for the Contractor
  • Customer Contact Details
  • Pricing Details
  • Overview of the Tasks to Be Performed
  • Payment Schedule

When it comes to the details, more details are better than less. Instead of vague references, request detailed ones. For instance, if you are having many tasks performed, have each one itemized on the contract with its individual price. This will be important if you want to drop or change certain ones and will minimize mis-communication over pricing. Also reference the manufacturer or category of equipment where relevant. Anything that you discussed with the contractor can be mentioned in the written agreements.

Additional Provisions to Think About


Scheduling are a common misunderstanding among property owners and contractors. To minimize dispute, note planned deadlines in the paperwork. If timing is a major factor, that should be clearly noted as well.

Responsibilities of Each Party

Written agreements can also dictate specific responsibilities of the contractor and the property owner. It can indicate hours that a home may be accessed, what areas of your property they may access, and any other similar instructions. As the property owner, you may be required to perform some things such as moving furniture. The safest way to ensure that everyone understands these conditions is to write it in the paperwork.

Written Agreements For Southern NH Home Renovations

You might meet with a few potential contractors prior to selecting one, have many discussions with the same one, or have more than one contractor working on different tasks simultaneously. It can be easy to confuse things and make big mistakes. Having a detailed agreement can help you remain organized and protect yourself. The overview of written agreements for Southern NH home renovations in this blog are merely a some basic tips and should not be interpreted as legal advice. Consult with an attorney if you have questions regarding a contracts or disputes.