Southern NH Title Company Responsibilities

The closing represents a culmination of all the work and documentation in the home buying process. It is the moment a buyer gets keys and is recognized as the new owner of a piece of real estate. A title company¬†performs the closing and has duties … [Read more...]

Refinancing VA Loans In Southern NH

Borrowers with VA loans have the ability to easily refinance to a reduced interest rate through a special program. This is often called IRRRL which stands for Interest Rate Reduction Refinancing Loan. Any VA authorized mortgage company can assist … [Read more...]

Southern NH Home Loan Professionals

Obtaining a mortgage for real estate can be a difficult process given the multiple loan alternatives, the documentation required, and the underwriting process. Working with Southern NH home loan professionals may alleviate some of the problems. In … [Read more...]

Details On Reverse Mortgages For Southern NH Homes

Reverse mortgages could be a great option for the right type of borrower. It is vital to understand the pros and cons prior to selecting this mortgage program. This blog offers details on reverse mortgages for Southern NH homes. Reverse Mortgage … [Read more...]

Southern NH Bridge Loans – How Bridge Loans Can Help Buyers And Sellers

Homeowners selling one home and buying (or building) another may face challenges with reconciling both transactions, particularly in competitive real estate environments. Bridge loans are an option for homeowners experiencing this problem. The … [Read more...]

5 Home Loan Refinance Considerations – Southern NH Refinancing Factors

Refinancing your home can result in big savings if done under the correct conditions. Every home loan and borrower varies, so an opportune situation for one person may not be for others. Before making a decision to refinance, take a look at these 5 … [Read more...]

Details On Variable Rate Mortgages In Southern NH

Variable rate mortgages are used by many home buyers because of the lower loan payments initially. The interest rate can be much lower than the fixed rate loans, but this is not always true. Buyers should evaluate how these loans work and how they … [Read more...]

Southern NH Home Equity Loan Options

There are many types of home equity loans. Some may be a better alternative than others depending on your situation, mortgage rates, and what you need the loan for. The Southern NH home equity loan options provided below will help you understand your … [Read more...]